Sheila O Flanagan Bio


Sheila O’Flanagan is the award-winning Irish author of over 20 books.

Her contemporary bestselling novels often feature women whos she’s placed in situations where they have to dig deep inside themselves to find their inner strength even though sometimes they struggle to realise it’s there.

When Shelia was growing up in Ireland, most of the novels were based in rural settings, with problems she didn’t face. She wanted to read about city-dwellers like herself and their own unique issues, their dreams different from those who lived, worked and were rooted in the country.

She also craved stories where women weren’t a second thought, where they were the heroes of their own stories, not merely there because they were someone’s wife, mother or daughter.

So, she wrote those stories herself, leaving behind her career in finance; stories about women who find themselves in difficult situations, where they have to find their inner-strength and wrestle it to the fore.

Sheila is a passionate advocate for increasing literacy and works to help people who have come to reading late in life. She is also a board member of Fighting Words, the creative writing centre set up by Booker prize-winner Roddy Doyle where she’s worked with teenagers to write their own published stories and retired people who are working on their memoirs.

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