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Reader recommendations


Question: What’s the next best thing after reading a fabulous book,  a can-you-believe-what-happened story, a this-changed-my-life book?

Answer: Telling EVERYONE about it. 

At MyVLF, we are dedicated to connecting authors and readers, remembering old favourites and finding new books and authors to love.

We’d love to share what books you’re reading, enjoying and recommending at the moment.

What would you recommend?

What do you read? Is it crime, thrillers, psychological, romance, and its sub-genres, historical, sci-fi, time-slip, fantasy, YA, contemporary literature or just a great story, no matter the genre? Then please tell us what your current best reads are. What books would you recommend?

Books, whether paper, digital or audio, take us to a different place – the unique version of a world inhabited by the characters, setting, circumstances and events that have sprung from the writer’s imagination and creativity.

And what are your real stars? Those books where you are that person almost screaming at other people “you must read this, you must!”.

When other people read the same book, you are connected to them. They have peeled back the story curtains and peered into the characters’ lives, a world you have already experienced. Now you can talk to them about it, and also argue about who’d play your favourite characters in the movie version!

Win more books!

We look forward to hearing what books you’re recommending. Simply send us your short book review, and if you’re unsure of how to write it, read the MyVLF blog post about writing reviews.

Each month we will choose one recommendation to be the lucky recipient of  a £20/$25 Amazon gift token for you to buy more of our favourite things… (that would be books!)

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Keep your recommendation to no more than 350 words and say why you enjoyed it, what were the highlights for you, but please make sure you don’t give any spoilers!