MYVLF Author bio: Tim Tigner


Tim Tigner is an American indie published author who consistently ranks as an Amazon All-Star, and is frequently among the 10 most read authors on Kindle Unlimited, USA. His novels also routinely top the charts in the Thriller and Actions & Adventure genres.

Tim’s thrillers are probably popular because of his former career. He started in Soviet Counterintelligence with the US Army Special Forces, the Green Berets during the Cold War.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tim switched from espionage to arbitrage. Armed with a Wharton MBA rather than a Colt M16, he moved to Moscow in the midst of Perestroika. There, he led prominent multinational medical companies, worked with cosmonauts on the MIR Space Station (from Earth), chaired the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and helped write Russia’s first law on healthcare.

During the formation of the EU, Tim moved to Brussels and ran Europe, Middle East, and Africa for a Johnson & Johnson company, travelling extensively. He eventually returned to the USA and Silicon Valley, where he launched new medical technologies as a startup CEO.

In his free time, Tim has climbed the peaks of Mount Olympus, hang glided from the cliffs of Rio de Janeiro, and ballooned over Belgium. He earned scuba certification in Turkey, learned to ski in Slovenia, and ran the Serengeti with a Maasai warrior. He acted on stage in Portugal, taught negotiations in Germany, and chaired a healthcare conference in Holland. Tim studied psychology in France, radiology in England, and philosophy in Greece. He’s been a marathoner, paratrooper, triathlete, and yogi.

Tim began writing thrillers in 1996 from an apartment overlooking Moscow’s Gorky Park, but it wasn’t until many years later that his career as a writer took off. You can find out all about his journey to publication in the interview with Tim Tigner in the MYVLF Theatre. It’s free.