How many books do you read at once?


Are You A Typical Reader?

Is that even a ‘thing’? Probably not.

If someone asked you how many books you read at one time, what would you say?

  1. You like to read a book from cover to cover before going to your ‘To Be Read’ pile and choosing what you fancy reading next.
  2. You might have one book for daytime reading, maybe when you are at work, on the bus, or on your lunch break. Let’s face it, we all need a book in our bag, just in case we find a little time to read it. Don’t we? Then there’s the one you have on your bedside table that you turn to each night before you go to sleep, or the one next to your bath for that daily snippet of relaxation kept simply for you.
  3. Maybe you even read three books at a time? One downstairs, one on the bedside table and one in your bag/case.

How you read might make a difference to your answer.

Most people used to read paperbacks, simply because they were the standard formats that books came in. Now, readers have the luxury of choice, paperbacks, e-books and audiobooks.

So, your choice might not only be down to wanting to read books in different places, or by different authors, or in different genres, but also in different formats. Let’s face it, as readers, there’s never been a better time to luxuriate in the escapism that is at the tips of our fingers… or through our headphones/earbuds?!

Conclusion: There is no such thing as a typical reader. Thankfully.