Gregg Dunnett


Gregg Dunnett is the author of seven published novels. He is a USA and UK Amazon bestselling author and over 100,000 copies of his novel The Things You Find in Rockpools have now been sold.

Gregg has always dreamt of adventure and his previous jobs have included teaching English abroad, working in sailing schools in Greece and Spain, even testing windsurfing boards for a magazine that he read while he was growing up. He’s also worked packing potatoes on a farm and working in local government and written articles for magazines. However, inspired by his brother’s determination when sailing solo from Wales to Island, Gregg began focusing more intently on writing his novels.

Now a father of two children, Gregg still enjoys the occasional rough camping in the wilds and sleeping in his van on surf trips waiting for the excitement of the more dramatic storms to go windsurfing, but his biggest adventures take place when he’s writing.

The Things you Find in Rockpools When a tourist girl disappears on a vacation island – and the police investigation goes nowhere – a quirky local boy, 11-year-old Billy Wheatley, steps in to help.

He’s a little young to play detective, and he can’t tell anyone what he’s up to. But he’s kind of a child prodigy – or at least, he thinks he is. Either way, he’s got a very good reason to want the police off his beach.

His style of investigation is unlike anything you’ve ever read before, but he gets results. Until the trail of clues leads him uncomfortably close to home, where Billy begins to sense just how much danger he’s really in. And how the life he thought he was living, is all just a web of lies. Because the person who took the girl isn’t just someone he knows. It’s the only person he thought he could trust.

And now they know Billy is onto them, it’s going to be child’s play to silence him. For ever.

If Billy is going to stay alive and bring his adversary to justice, he’s going to need every ounce of his unique ingenuity.

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