5 reasons why you should join MYVLF


Why should I join MYVLF and attend the online literary festival?

There are lots of literary festivals around the world, some large, some small – all offering the opportunity to hear authors talk, ask them questions and chat to fellow book lovers.

So why did we decide to create an online literary festival, and why should you attend?

1. Lack of opportunity

We live on a small island, which is 9 x 5 miles with a population of just over 100,000. (For those who’re interested that is Jersey in the Channel Islands.) There is an annual literary festival, and we are lucky enough that some excellent UK based authors take part. However, if we want to attend any other events, we have to travel, and that costs.

2. Cost

For most of us, there will be some financial cost involved in attending literary events. For us it would usually involve a plane journey and hotel bills. Perhaps you have to drive or get the train there and back; maybe your trip will necessitate an overnight stay? Is there an entrance fee to the overall festival? The individual author talks may involve a charge as well. MYVLF is free to join and always will be.

3. Time

Time is money, it is undoubtedly a currency and one of which we have a finite amount. You may only want to attend certain talks at a physical event, and then have to hang about the rest of the time. You can join the MYVLF events you like, without ever leaving the house.

4. Don’t want to attend on your own?

Sometimes our friends don’t share the same interests as us, and perhaps the idea of attending a literary festival on your own is daunting. It can be challenging, especially if you are there for a day or two. With MYVLF, you enter the Theatre from wherever you are most comfortable. Enjoy MYVLF alone or together with friends and family. It’s your choice.

5. Access to the best names in the business

Authors experience the same barriers to appearing at literary festivals. Cost, perhaps, but perhaps more importantly, is time. They may have to travel a fair distance, perhaps from one country to another, and that can take days away from their writing schedules. We need authors to keep writing and publishing – that way we can continue reading!

Appearing at a MYVLF online festival only takes up a few hours of an author’s time.

Even if you’re lucky enough to regularly attend physical literary events, who not grab your drink of choice, perhaps a snack or two, and put your feet up and join the MYVLF community

Additional Events

MYVLF doesn’t just run online literary festivals throughout the year. There are regular Watch Now author interviews, showcasing the latest releases and talented authors – giving an insight into the author’s life. You can download the free Book Group read of the month, get bookish and reading information and trivia, discover new authors and fall back in love with old favourites. You can chat online to the authors and fellow book-lovers. MYVLF. My Virtual Literary Festival.