Author Opportunities

MYVLF was created by three authors who know just how important it is to be able to keep in touch and reach out to new readers. We are also aware of just how few opportunities and platforms there are out there and how limited the chance is to talk at literary festivals. We wanted to create an affordable global platform, a community of readers and authors – not aligned to any specific publishing house or retailer. A place where authors can reach out, personally, to a global audience, without leaving their home or study.

We know that most authors, like us, have day jobs as well as their writing and we know that time is precious and raising your profile and marketing your books is hard work. We are also readers and we love to discover new authors and characters. Combine all this and you have MYVLF, an online virtual community of readers and authors meeting for literary events or just to hang out in our café and chat.

MYVLF will be offering authors and publishers a variety of opportunities to reach out to our global reader community.


What Promotional opportunities are there for authors now?

Free Monthly MYVLF Book Group book

Want to let readers get hooked on your writing? What better way to introduce them to your books and a series, than by offering one as a free download for a month. You will also appear in our theatre as our monthly author chat and be able to take part in discussions about your book in our café chat area. We will heavily promote your book and appearance on all our social media channels.  Get in touch NOW if you’d like to feature as one of our Book Group authors.

Festival Talks

We will hold at least two literary festivals a year, plus monthly author talks in conjunction with the MYVLF Book Group. Appearance at the Festivals is by invitation only, however if you would like us to consider you then please get in touch.

In addition to the above talks, we are regularly interviewing authors and adding them to the Theatre as weekly Watch Now opportunities. Get in touch if you want to be considered.

Terms of Acceptance

Not everyone who applies to take advantage of one of the above opportunities, will be able to participate as some are limited. The MYVLF team will select those authors and publishers who best fit our membership profile and who provide good quality books. For example, our members do not want to read text which has not been carefully proof read. However, we are open to all authors, whether indie or traditionally published. All we and our members want, is to find that next great read.