About MyVLF

MYVLF is the free global virtual literary festival venue, connecting readers with authors. Our online event space gives readers access to the best of today’s literature and fiction from internationally based traditional and independently published authors.

The Founders

Who is MyVLF?

MYVLF is brought to you by the Blonde Plotters – authors Gwyn GB, Kelly Clayton and Deborah Carr. We are readers as well as writers and just like you, we want access to the best fiction available and find new authors.

What is MyVLF?

MYVLF is My Virtual Literary Festival. It was born out of a love of books and the desire to connect readers and authors without the need to travel or spend a fortune attending a literary event. We wanted to create a cosy, welcoming online space where you could see and hear your favourite authors and ask them questions – and stay in your pyjamas – a place with free books and giveaways and a community of readers.

How can I get involved?


Becoming a member of our community is easy and it’s free. Simply register with your name and email address and tell us your favourite genres. You can join in discussions at our online café, watch and listen to your favourite authors and get our free books as part of the MYVLF book group.

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Authors & Publishers

MYVLF is a community of readers and authors – not aligned to any particular publishing house or retailer. A place where authors can reach out, personally, to a global audience, without travelling. MYVLF offers a variety of opportunities to reach our reader community.

Further Information

How much is it?

It is completely FREE for readers.

Register as a reader and it will cost you absolutely nothing/zip/zero/nada. Joining our online community is completely free and you can choose to leave at any time – but why would you!

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